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Jul 13 2011

Inside Ankle Bone Pain (Day 77 / July 13)

Published by jaybird17 under Week 11 (July 7-13)

I am 11 weeks from ATR surgery.  I got out of my boot on July 1 and have been in two shoes since.  Since about July 4, I have had a pain located on the upper (toward the knee) portion of my “inside” ankle bone.  If anything, the pain radiates upward, but not that much.  It does seem to hurt when I raise my toes up and feels like it comes on in a “stretching” fashion. 

My PT says not to worry about it.  It has not gotten better or worse.  Has anyone had pain similar to this at this stage in ATR recovery?

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Jul 01 2011

2 Shoes Baby! (Day 65 / July 1)

Published by jaybird17 under Week 10 (June 30-July 6

Just had post-op visit with Doc and I am cleared for 2 shoes.  Been cheating the last few days with two shoes and has felt pretty good but not great.  Doc gave me heal lifts and those definitely help so I wish I had been wearing them the last week or so.  Only need 6 more weeks of PT and then I am done.  Best words of the visit from the Doc were “I’m OK with golf…”.  I am still going to take the conservative route on golf and wait two more weeks before going to the range.  Then it will be another 3 weeks after that before playing.

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