Apr 29 2011

No Pain, No Gain (Day 1 / April 28)

Published by jaybird17 at 9:43 am under Week 1 (April 28-May 4)

While I slept surprisingly well last night, the pain did arrive today and it was pretty bad.  It basically felt like my calf was in a vice.  You just have to deal with it….. 


I did take a shower today which felt good.  I used the garbage bag method but have a cast cover coming tomorrow and that will make things easier.  I have been surprised how easy it has been to take naps and fall asleep at night and that is encouraging. 


The good news today was two-fold; first, the “roll-a-bout” arrived (see below).  It is basically like a little scooter that makes little things like getting something to drink (although no beer….yet) and going to the bathroom much easier.  Second, the Bears got the guy they needed in the draft – an offensive lineman from Wisconsin named Greg Carimi.   


LESSON LEARNED – Rent yourself a roll-a-bout, it is worth it!!! 





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