Full Achilles Tendon Rupture - First week!

On August 14, 2011 I was playing soccer.  The ball hit me in the stomach, I went to run onto it on a break away about to score when I suddenly dropped to the ground in excruciating pain.  I thought someone had kicked the back of my left ankle.  While lying on the ground I was told there was nobody close to me, that they heard a "pop" and I dropped to the ground screaming like a baby.  Thank god, for the nurses, physio therapists and friends who were also playing who knew exactly what happened right away.  They left my shoe on, used my other shin guard as support put ice in between and taped up my leg.

The ambulance attended shortly thereafter and took me to the hospital.  I must have been pretty lucky cause emerg wasn’t that busy, I was taken for xrays which were negative.  Since it was late, I was advised to return the next morning for an ultrasound.  The results of the ultrasound indicated that I had completely torn my achilles tendon…I waited almost 4 hours in emerg waiting area before begin seen by the Dr.   First he said I had torn it and would require surgery but he had to contact the Orthopedic surgeon, he returned and said NO surgery they just wanted to cast it and send me on my way with an appointment to see the Orthopedic surgeon.  I advised that I already had a scheduled appt to see one on the Thursday (Aug. 18).  Apparently each surgeon has a different opinion of what to do to repair it.  One prefers surgery, the other just by casting.  So off to home I went and hobbled around for several days.

On August 18th I returned to the hospital and saw the Orthopedic Surgeon, who advised me of my options of surgery or not.  But because I am very active and what I do for a living it was suggested that I have the surgery.   Before seeing the Dr, I spoke to alot of people about who had done the same thing and the options they took and the results.  A weak Achilles tendon might just be hereditary in my family since now all 3 ladies  have ruptured theirs, but my brother hasn’t…..makes you wonder!

I decided on having the surgery, it seemed the right thing for "ME".   So on Friday August 19th, 2011 I checked into the hospital and sat around for several hours waiting for surgery.   Around 6pm that night I finally had the surgery.  Apparently there was about an inch and a half gap between my Achilles tendon which the Dr repaired.  I was released from the hospital late Saturday.

I am now on my road to recovery.  The first couple nights I had to take the percocets in order to sleep, but it is now Wednesday and trying not to take anymore drugs with the exception of some Extra Strength Tylenol.   I have been taking it easy and doing alot of reading with my foot up higher than my heart, I even took the week off work but think I will return to work next week as I can only sit around doing NOTHING for so long.

The hardest part is having to depend on others for the simple things, and trying to stay positive.  I must say I have the best family and friends who are willing to do anything at anytime for me and I know they will be there for the long haul.  I will be the first to admit that I have cried myself to sleep a few times wondering what I am going to do and how am I going to get through this since the recovery period is so long.

My follow-up appointment is August 31st…………….I will let you know what happens then!  Stay tuned

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  1. I pray for speedy recovery to you and the others here. I’m on my 4th week post-op today and just started PWB. Just be patient and although it is a long recovery there is always hope. Keep the foot elevated above heart, that’s what I did so I did not have too much swelling. Good luck.

  2. I had my surgery Aug 16th, today they put me in a walking boot, although I cant put any weight on it, so Im still relying on crutches. Next week they are taking out the stitches and I think I can start putting weight on my bad leg.

    Its hard this happened, Im so active, and its still the summer, means no beaches no goign out..totallly sucks.

    I think you have to stay positive, like I can sit around a mope — causing me to be depressed and adversely affecting my body.
    Or just say hey, now I can finally pick up on some reading, or hey I can check out some movies, video games..
    Yes I did end up buying Play station 3, I dont play video games, but its a time killer.
    Books are important, at least you can better yourself and come out smarter than you were before the injury.

    All the best to us all, keep us updated..

  3. Jay9
    Sorry to hear you have joined the club. I have done both mine now and 6 weeks into healing the second time around.

    Like you, I could not see myself being ready to sit around for weeks. I am not good at giving up control and the first time around fully expected to be back in work after a few days. However, in my view the first couple of weeks are very important to the healing process and I would not recommend going back to work for those two weeks unless you really have to.

    Depending on your doctor (or how hard you press for it) you will hopefully be in a boot after 2 weeks or so and it is more likely that you can go to early weight bearing (and get some degree of normality) if you have healed well and the rest and elevation in the 1st 2 weeks are key to that.

  4. At what point does the injured leg stop pooling blood and turning red? I would assume it begins to become the pump it was when FWB in shoes?? Just wondering!

  5. My foot stopped swelling as soon as the cast came off. After that my ankle would swell a little bit on top and on the outside when i was on my feet for a while. I still get a bit of swelling on the outside if i push myself too much.

  6. Unclebuck.

    When you start to use your calf muscle.

    After 9 weeks in plaster my circulation was so bad down there that I was admitted to hospital (in Spain) with a suspected DVT.

    It wasnt a DVT. It was just a the fact that the calf was not working.

    Get that calf working and everything will be fine. As a plus you will be able to walk as well. Under-rated muscle, the calf

  7. Hang in there! I also popped mine playing soccer. This waiting period has been tough for me too. I am 4weeks post op and it’s become the new normal. I found the knee scooter to give me soooo much more independence. It helps to be able to use my hands. I have used this time to go through piles, catch up with friends, read books, and even enjoy napping. It’s a big difference from my previous busy and physically active life but I keep telling myself it is temporary and to take advantage of this forced respite.

  8. Dammit…..I wish I was there to jab you with a needle every day!! (one good turn deserves another!)

    I hope every day is getting better.

    Thinking of you from way Downunder.

    x M

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