When Can I Exercise Again? Stationary Bike?

I am a little more then six weeks now post achilles tendon surgery.  Over the last ten days, I have seen drastic improvments in my recovery.  I have increased range of motion in my achilles and have seen myself go from two crutches to one.  The last couple days, I have even gotten around some without the use of a crutch but with still a considerable limp to be expected.  I am still in my boot and have been for the past four weeks with just one heel wedge remaining which I am going to take out in a few days.

I have another follow up appointment with my doctor in 7 days.  At that time, I’m sure we will discuss PT and plan of action moving forward. 

Before my injury, I was a very physically active person who enjoyed working out 4-5 days a week.  These last six weeks of not being able to do much has driven me insane - haha.  My question is do you think that it is safe to start doing the stationary bike at my gym?  Curious as to when others may have picked this up or any form of exercise?  I do not think I can wait another 7 days to see my doc before I start doing something!  But I would obviously still rather be safe then sorry and would still remain in my boot when doing the bike.  Thoughts?     


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  1. Jason- I started using a stationary bike at 3 weeks, no resistance and with the boot placed on the middle of the pedal. At first I rode for 10 minutes and then waited to see if there was any tenderness the next day. Each week I added 5- 10 minutes and gradually built up some resistance. Keeping the body moving is great for the mind and getting the blood pumping around is beneficial. 10 minutes sounds silly, but that is the way I have started back with activities. Also if you can avoid limping your body will be happier, there is an art to walking in a boot and I think there is a video on youtube. All the best!

  2. Echo above plus do some upper body work using free weights or dumb bells.

  3. Exactly what was already said so well about the limp and using the bike. Also consider all the other body parts you CAN work as Stuart suggested.

    I rode the bike at 3 weeks with boot and by six weeks in a open backed walking sandal with a sock on…pushing down with my heel only with…as herewegoagain said, no resistance, short periods of time…incrementally built it up….Today at 19 weeks I can ride an hour at a high resistance with no problems. I’m in my heart rate training zone in minutes…and at some point you will be too! YAY.

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