Those first few steps out of the boot….

What are they like for everyone? I am right at 8 weeks post surgery and just left my doctor’s office who instructed me to ditch the boot and put the shoe back on. He also instructed me to wear an ankle brace for the next few weeks. I start PT next week. I am finding myself walking with quite a hitch in my step and am thinking that maybe a lot of it is mental. It’s almost as if I need to completely teach myself how to walk again. I’m curious as to how others have walked when they put the shoe back on for the first time?

When Can I Exercise Again? Stationary Bike?

I am a little more then six weeks now post achilles tendon surgery.  Over the last ten days, I have seen drastic improvments in my recovery.  I have increased range of motion in my achilles and have seen myself go from two crutches to one.  The last couple days, I have even gotten around some without the use of a crutch but with still a considerable limp to be expected.  I am still in my boot and have been for the past four weeks with just one heel wedge remaining which I am going to take out in a few days.

I have another follow up appointment with my doctor in 7 days.  At that time, I’m sure we will discuss PT and plan of action moving forward. 

Before my injury, I was a very physically active person who enjoyed working out 4-5 days a week.  These last six weeks of not being able to do much has driven me insane - haha.  My question is do you think that it is safe to start doing the stationary bike at my gym?  Curious as to when others may have picked this up or any form of exercise?  I do not think I can wait another 7 days to see my doc before I start doing something!  But I would obviously still rather be safe then sorry and would still remain in my boot when doing the bike.  Thoughts?