Cast Is Off! Can you share you experience with me please?

Hey Achilles recovery crew, so it’s a milestone in my recovery so far. Cast is off and Vacocast boot is on. So far I definitely like the boot and my doctor/nurses were pretty impressed with it too.
I had my cast on for 5 weeks total (2 weeks cast #1 then 3 more weeks cast #2). [...]

Vacocast has arrived!

Just got my Vacocast today. I get my cast off this coming Wednesday for which I really can’t wait. This thing has been super annoying. Plus it’ll be nice to move onto the next stage of my recovery. My ortho said I can begin the rehab process after then too!

I picked up the following:
Extra Liner [...]

Achilles Recovery Domination Part 1 - 4 Weeks Post-Op

This picture above is 2 weeks post-op after I got my first cast off.
2nd cast stays on for 3 weeks (1 more week to go!)
What’s going on everyone! So I joined the achilles rupture club on Thanksgiving of all days.  It happened to be a warm day in New Jersey on Thanksgiving so I was [...]