Vacocast has arrived!

Just got my Vacocast today. I get my cast off this coming Wednesday for which I really can’t wait. This thing has been super annoying. Plus it’ll be nice to move onto the next stage of my recovery. My ortho said I can begin the rehab process after then too!

I picked up the following:

Extra Liner (I want to swim at the gym)
Some extra soles because it’s winter now and been pretty wet out. Would rather have separate soles for indoor use.

I read so many good things about the Vacocast that I hope it works well for me too. I’ll keep whoever is reading this posted.

UPDATE: I wanted to mention that while I have not used the Vacocast yet, their customer service has been awesome.  I ordered some extra accessories that arrive with the boot and I was in correspondence with Elaine from Vacocast and every time she was prompt and helpful with her responses. She responded back very quickly each time. Now fingers crossed the boot works well for me.

4 Responses to “Vacocast has arrived!”

  1. Jascul I also bought my own Vacocast and it was fantastic! I swam with it on and it floats, so although there’s a bit of drag you get a great swim in, and the extra plus is that you’re resting your injured leg in cold water for a while. I also started exercising whatever I could once I got it because I could wash the liner so it didn’t matter if I sweat in it. Enjoy, I’m sure you will, and good luck on the recovery!

  2. Hey beanie, yeah I’m really looking forward to the ability to be more active when I have the Vacocast on. I haven’t done much exercise in the past 5 weeks because I didn’t want to get my cast all smelly and dirty. My gym has a pool and I’m looking forward to getting into that bad boy!

  3. Jascul and beanie, was the Vacocast something extra you purchased on your own out of pocket? Or was it covered by insurance? I’m curuios because with my multiple health problems aqua therapy works the best for me and I hate the idea of missing that for over six weeks. I would love to be able to get back in the water asap after I have my surgery in February.

  4. Hi Metonia, I have responded on your blog as well. I bought my own out of my own pocket and I found it to be a worthwhile expense.

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