Posted by: janis | March 31, 2015

Something of a setback? Not sure what to think of this…

I haven’t posted for awhile because I’ve been off living my life :) so here’s the quick backstory on me: suffered with Haglund’s deformity and achilles tendinosis for 3 years before finally going through with surgery November 20, 2013. My surgery and recovery were very uncomplicated - the surgeon used the Arthrex speedbridge anchor system. 8 weeks in a Vacocast “supposed to be NWB” but was bearing weight on boot after about 4-5. Did extensive PT after released to 2 shoes at 8 weeks and went back to work, Paramedic (no restrictions) at about 15 weeks. There was still a good bit of progress between that time and a year postop as far as flexibility, strength and the elimination of stiffness and pain.

I haven’t really had any setbacks… until now. We spent a really hard week at a friend’s house helping her get it ready for her to move in. This involved lots of climbing ladders, squatting, running up and down weirdly spaced basement steps, and hours upon hours of standing on a hard concrete basement floor (painting kitchen cabinet doors). Followed of course by moving her stuff from a 3 story townhouse. By the last day I had dug my heel wedges out and put them in my shoes.

I’ve had a lot of bottom of foot pain, which I expected - the type you get when you’re on your feet all day. However I also developed some burning and throbbing in the achilles (repaired side), probably about mid tendon, way superior to the repair and anchors. I know my calves and tendons are tight and have been stretching and making sure I wear shoes in the house, but it’s still there - albeit getting a little better every day.

I’m trying to walk a fine line between stretching to keep it all flexible and actually aggravating the pain more (which is what it feels like when I’m stretching). The good news, I guess, is that I’m not having the retrocalcaneal pain or sensitivity that preceded the development of the Haglund’s deformity and led to surgery. Been stretching, resting, using minimal ibuprofen when it gets bad. I guess I’m trying to figure out if this would be better treated with just everyday walking and the usual stuff I was doing in physical therapy, or if that would aggravate it more and I should just rest for a few days.

What do you guys think?


Hi Janis! Rest and baby it for a while. Don’t stretch the achilles when it is sore and especially when you feel the soreness more while stretching. You put your tendon (and the rest of you) through some heavy-duty work! For what it’s worth, my achilles has been sore in that same area a couple of times (superior to the repair and anchors). A little rest has always helped.

I concur with Kim…best wishes to you Janis.

Thanks Kim! That is just what I needed to hear.

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