Posted by: janis | November 20, 2014

One year out from surgery today!

The only marathon I will likely ever complete in my life is the one you see in my sidebar. :)

Today marks exactly one year post Haglund’s excision and achilles reconstruction and anchoring.

It has truly been a marathon, and full recovery does truly take a year. Having said that, I would do this all over again if I needed to. Life is so much better without limping and hopping and waiting for the painful pluck on the frayed tendon that randomly came, with or without me moving.

Every morning that I get out of bed and put both of my feet flat on the floor, walking painlessly with a normal gait, well… that is worth a year of recovery to me. It’s not a year off your feet. It’s 8-12 weeks off your feet and 9 more months of incremental, almost imperceptible, progress.

9 months of occasional swelling or burning or twinges where you wonder, did I do the right thing? Did I do this all for nothing? The answer, in my case, is yes, this was absolutely the right thing. If nothing else, recovery from achilles surgery teaches you patience and teaches you that consistency brings results. Even in the past month I have noticed a progression in my flexibility and strength.

So, if you’re suffering and miserable with a haglund’s deformity that is shredding your achilles, get a surgeon and therapist you trust, and take the leap. Then trust the process.



Nearly 3 years of putting up with the pain before surgery I bet it feels good. There have been few who have not has such a good result with haglunds so I guess your advice to pick a good surgeon is important. Well done.

So glad to hear you are fully recovered! I’m not even close yet. :( Still swelling and pain. My ortho said that at about 10-14 months is where you will feel the best. I took that as i have this window of time to get back to normal or I will always have pain and swelling. He initially said 8-12 months…i guess he amended that for my slow progress.

How’s your strength? Are you able to do heel raises on the “bum” side?

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