Posted by: janis | November 11, 2014

Wow, almost a year…

Almost at the finish line in my personal achilles marathon. My haglund’s surgery was 11/20/13.

Even in the past month or two, I am still noticing small improvements. Just a general normalizing of how my foot feels - fewer episodes of stiffness, no more limping after getting out of the car or up from being seated for awhile. It really is true, if my OS had told me I wouldn’t be back to 100% for a year, I might have limped out of his office and still be in misery and living a life limited with the pain of haglund’s deformity and achilles tendinosis.

I do things I was doing this time last year (round of golf, climb a ladder, go up and down steps, 12 hour shifts on the ambulance) and marvel at what it’s like to do these things without constant pain and swelling. At the time of surgery and recovery, it seemed so slow. Now, it is such a small blip on the radar. A year has gone by in the blink of an eye and my life is 1000% better these days.




Enjoy every minute of your 1000% better life!

Great news!

Congratulations, Janis! I absolutely agree with you about how wonderful it is to do everyday things without pain and swelling. Twelve-hour shifts on the ambulance is no small thing, either! I’m very happy to hear your surgery was a success and very thankful to have experienced the same good result. Like you, I expect there will continue to be improvements from this point forward.

I’m so happy for you. What an incredible journey you had to go through and now you’re on the other side. Just reading the word “ladder” gives me the chills and yet YOU are climbing them. Wow. Gives me a lot of hope to know that even after year you’re still seeing improvements and feel back to your normal self. Thank you again for all of your help with me personally and I wish you the best on the days to come!

Thank you all, and thanks once again to Dennis for this amazing resource. So much knowledge all in one place!

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