Posted by: janis | May 8, 2014

Lesson learned, almost 6 months out

Haglund’s deformity excision with Achilles debridement/repair/anchoring 11/20/13.

What I have learned is that not being active EVERY day = stiffness and some pain as payback. When I say active, literally all I mean is starting the day with a walk, not even two miles sometimes. I noticed when I am sedentary for days on end (lots of desk work at my job, then holding down the couch on my days off), then decide to weekend warrior it and walk the hilly golf course or go for a hike, I am extremely stiff and in a low level amount of pain at the end of the day. Almost like the pain I had when I first noticed Achilles stiffness/aching prior to bring diagnosed. A short ride in the car = limping and flat footed walk the first several steps when I’m not active daily.

When minimally active daily, though, I don’t have any of that. When I’m walking, I notice it’s very easy for me to get lazy and lapse into the Haglund Hop, as I call it. If I spend my walk concentrating on my push off on the op foot, and getting that calf activated, the rest of the day, abd the day following, feels much more flexible and pain free.

Just something I’ve learned the hard way. Hope it helps!

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Sounds like a prescription without any bad side effects! :-)

Janis - I have noticed the same. Generally, the more active I am, the better I feel. Congratulations on the almost-half-way mark!

Janis, thanks for sharing. Great advice!

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