Posted by: janis | March 21, 2014

Sore after kettlebell workout

I figured it was time to add in more strenuous activity. My OS’s only restriction at this point is no jumping/plyo for another month. I did a 20 minute kettlebell dvd that included only closed-chain movements: kettlebell swings with feet flat, one leg dead lifts, squats, lunges. Nothing hurt while I was doing it, but boy was I sore on my couple mile walk after.

I think the predominant cause of the soreness might have been that I did the kettlebell workout barefoot. My husband was napping in the bedroom where I had left my shoes and I didn’t want to wake him up. Not giving up on the kettlebell just yet, but next time I’m wearing shoes for sure! ¬†Also, I’ve been slacking on massage and I think I woke up some more old scar tissue today. The old ankle rears its ugly head again!

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Not an expert but I’ve read that it is good to do KB with bare feet to promote balance. That’s what I’ve been doing at least. I’ve yet to try it in shoes. Interested what others have to say,

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