Posted by: janis | March 11, 2014

What a great day! 16 weeks post op

We did our first round of Par 3 golf for 2014 and it was just wonderful. Not the scores. Not the condition of the course. But, being able to walk the course without pain - that was like a million bucks.

I remember squeezing that last round in, right before my surgery in November. About 5 steps on to the course, of course my heel was killing me and it only got worse with the hills. What a nice contrast today was. Looking forward to more good days like this!

For those still wondering, “when is this going to feel normal?” - I’m not sure this would have been a pain free venture even two weeks ago (not to mention the course was still covered in snow!) So, hang in there! It gets better little by little.

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Just finished another 14 hour day at work, after walking the dog a few miles in the wee hours prior to work. Astounded by how great the foot and ankle feel.

I really regret not doing this sooner, but I guess the pain of staying the same had to exceed the pain of fixing it.

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