Posted by: janis | February 24, 2014

That familiar Zing - I thought I was rid of it

…It reared its ugly head again yesterday. Outside of foot on the heel, directly below my ankle, starting from the bottom of my foot and shooting up. I have been trying to get 10,000 steps per day in and I’m cleared to do anything I want except jumping/plyo. I was walking the dog on the same flat, paved park path we’ve been using and all of a sudden… Zing.

I limped for a good 1/4 mile after that then the spot sort of numbed out. I finished my 3ish mile walk, went about my day, and when I got to a place where I was going to be sitting awhile, iced my foot. It feels ok now so I guess it’s just more scar tissue breaking up.



Hi, the “zing” caught my attention…. I’m curious if you had any nerve pain/damage after surgery? I have been dealing with it and a bit nervous that it will continue….

I have not had any nerve damage that I knew of. My pt massaged the area yesterday and feels that it may be scarred ankle tendons or ligaments acting up. (I’ve had a couple of bad sprains).

Weird thing is, I massaged the one area last night, and I could feel clicking or crunching, right under the ankle bone where the bottom of the heel and side meet. Wondering if it’s bursae breaking up, because it is definitely harder to provoke the pain today. I’m about to go for my walk so we’ll see if it comes back and to what degree.

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