Posted by: janis | February 22, 2014

93 days post op, haglund’s excision/achilles debridement/repair/anchoring

This has been a good week of building strength and endurance. The dog is happy to report we’re going for lots of walks. New things this week:

  • my physical therapist massaged the incision and tendon, and showed me how to have my husband do it. It was a little uncomfortable, but felt great and flexible afterward.
  • I realized I’m going to be a much pickier shoe ho. I’ve already gotten rid of a beloved pair of Merrell low hikers and my Brooks runners, and a few other randoms I frankly never wore, because they rub my heel the wrong way now. This is a first: I tried 3 pairsof shoes the other day, and realized none of them would work with my incision. Maybe it’ll get easier after it’s desensitized, but for now I’m more than a little bummed.
  • 3mph!! on the treadmill. That’s a moderately fast walk for my short little stumps.
  • I put myself on a 90 day challenge of sorts, hoping that I forget after 90 days that said challenge ever existed and it just becomes my life. Part of that is 10,000 steps a day. I’ve been getting that most days, pretty easily. I love comparing pre op and post op after a 10,000 step day. What a difference. After a 10k day pre op, I would be out of commission for anything but painful waddling for the next several days. Now, I still have a stiff first several steps, but once I get moving it feels great.
  • Day 107 post op I have an ortho followup. My physical therapist led me to believe I’ll be released back to full duty after that. I’m ready. The only movement I should avoid at this point, I have been told, are plyometric jumping types of moves. Everything else is GO!

I guess it’s time to get used to waking up for work again…


Oh, Janis, I love hearing that your dog has a walking partner again!

I know exactly what you’re talking about when you compare a pre op and post op 10k day. Before surgery, even a moderate walk would leave me limping for days. If I ran, I’d be limping for at least a week. Absolutely no limping now, only occasional stiffness first thing, but it’s minor.

Your 90-day challenge has inspired me to come up with one of my own. I’ll check in with you:)

Congrats on the progress and thanks for the upbeat post.

Janis, your doing great. I know what ya mean about the low cut shoes. Also the low cut socks! I didn’t own any socks other than low cut. Keep building your strength. Good Luck!

Congrats on your progress. Your last statement made me giggle. For me, after almost 4 months of having someone drive me everywhere, doing my laundry, and my grocery shopping, I started to get used to it.

Good Luck!

Swelling in the ankle and top of the foot. I guess the increased activity will take some getting used to…

3mph on the treadmill is fantastic! That’s a brisk walk. I can’t wait to get back to the gym and do some walking. My heel has been painful since I took all wedges out. I had to watch my grandson this weekend and I am worn out!

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