Posted by: janis | February 16, 2014

King Brand BFST Heat Wraps… anyone used them?

Like a good AchillesBlogger, I clicked the ad ;)

I’d like to know if anyone has personal experience with this product. It certainly seems like something I would use after activity or if sore. My physical therapist is also going to check their website out and give me his opinion Monday on its efficacy. If it actually does do some kind of stim therapy with heat it looks like something I’d definitely be interested in, especially for that price.


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I’m convinced that the blood flow looks WAY better afterwards than before! ;-)

This is very interesting. Looking forward to what your PT says as well.

how’d this turn out for you?

I never really heard back from my physical therapist on his opinion of it, but I see TKDCO has had good experience with it. Thinking about it, for the stiffness.

I have used the Ankle/Achilles Inferno Wrap from MendMeShop - a company that apparently works closely with KingBrand and their technology.

In dealing with a re-occurring achilles tendon strain/tear - I took a chance on the Inferno Wrap and quite frankly, was pleasantly surprised.

I used it as recommended for the duration of time allotted during the trial period and have found that my achilles seemed to finally begin healing.

I am a hiker and weekend warrior and I still use the Inferno before any strenuous activities. In doing so, I can easily I suffer way less achilles injuries that in the past - just minor tweaks here and there.

So yes, I would say I was happy overall with the device. Not cheap as the poster noted, but good results never are.

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