Posted by: janis | February 10, 2014

Pt week 3, 11 weeks post op

Much the same as week 2:

  • Treadmill at speed and time tolerated with emphasis on good heel to toe gait. I got up to 2.6mph today!
  • Squat press 130lbs with balls of feet/toes - sets of 10, at least 50 - at extension weighted plantarflexion for 5 count then dorsiflexion/stretch for 5 count
  • BAPS now on setting 4! clockwise x100, counterclockwise x100
  • Balance board (finally able to use the taller one for everything!) plantarflexion/dorsiflexion x100 ,inversion/eversion x100
  • Balance on op foot on balance cushion, Karate Kid style - non op leg bent at knee up high and arms out to side - x15 for as long as I can stand
  • 10 laps walking lunges. Therapist threatened to weight me this week for lunges, but after my glute on the non-op side seized up on the first lunge, he had mercy on me. I had to stop everything and stretch for about 5 minutes. It’s still really touchy. Thank goodness for the hot tub on the back deck.

Something I took notice of the last several days: Sore today because I was active = feels great tomorrow. Feels great today because I rested = will be very stiff tomorrow. So, that’s good incentive to stay active!

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Today he added sumo squats with a 25lb kettlebell, with a calf raise at the end on both feet, hold for 2 seconds.

I really feel like I turned a corner this week. Much less pain and pulling sensations on both sides of the heel. Quicker recovery from soreness.


Awesome Sauce!!!!

I am swimming quite a bit - three times a week, a mile a piece. Riding the bike a bit but trying to not over do it. However I am still experiencing pain all the time except sleeping and in the pool. I can walk really well and walk all the way ‘thru’ the foot rising up on the toe and pushing off. I still experience pain but the pleasure sensations of movement way overweigh the pain. However after, while I sit, I experience quite a bit of pain, enough so, that after hours of it, it becomes difficult to work, concentrate. I had three lumbar sympathetic block shots in my back four weeks ago and that seemed to change the pain feelings from the burn, sting, stab to a soreness and that was so pleasurable. I really felt like I was getting better during this period. However as of Monday of this week, that feeling has gone away and the burn, sting, stab has returned, not as bad but distracting enough. Funny I think the strength and flexiblity is so great, I just continue to have the pain. I am just do frustrated over this. Also heel is very sensitive to rubbing of shoes etc. I am currently on gabapentin 300mg and naprosyn twice daily but that largely has no effect. I am thinking of returning to the pain management doctor and seeing what they can do with the lumbar sympathetic block again.

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