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Moving Right Along

Filed under: Uncategorized — janet at 8:42 pm on Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quote of the day:

perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence…..vince lombardi

OK…..I`ve apparently been AWOL for a bit….life has been incredibly hectic the last few weeks…..so will try and update….LOL may have to break this up into two posts otherwise I might bore everyone to tears.

The picture is my most recent back shot….although lighting was bad and husband was taking the shot…it`s still pretty darn good….that is what happens when you can`t do cardio or legs!!!!! LOL…I finally have some ab shots but feeling slightly shy about posting those.

OK…now for the updates….I am, according to Chuck my PT, 3 weeks ahead of where I should be at this point. I have been approved for all cardio machines and just this week I have been approved to do spin classes as well. My first attempt at any cardio was on an exercise bike…longest 15 minutes of my life but it felt fantastic to be moving quicker than a snail`s pace and did it feel good to sweat. I tried the elliptical trainer next……20 minutes and I kept the incline at a reasonable level….the achilles felt great.

I think my PT gets chills every time he sees me….usually I start our conversation with “So…..can I“ and this week when I said that and asked about spin he said yes. I asked about resistance and standing and he said I  can do all that “as tolerated“  So Monday I tried my first spin class and surprisingly my cardio was decent and I was able to stand. That felt great!!!! Of course my AT leg protested…hurt like hell but no more than anything else. It`s amazing how easily the AT leg lets the other leg do all the work. I had to really concentrate to make the AT leg take some of the load. By the end of the class (45 minutes) standing wasn`t an option so I`m glad to know that it will let me know when enough is enough.

I am now able to use the leg extension machine in the weight room…yesterday I used 33 lbs on the AT leg…the week before I was only able to do 10 lbs and I also tried the leg press machine….100 lbs was as high as I would go without my trainer and it felt really really good. What doesn`t feel so great is stretching….ouchie….and going down stairs….every time I see the stairs Iwant to cry…it hurts!! I have been icing and elevating faithfully….but does the swelling ever stop….seems like forever. LOL…I am seriously considering the compression stocking….can`t even believe I`m saying that…my feet are offended enough having to where running shoes with my dress clothes….yucky!!!!

On Monday, I told my PT that I was pretty much done with this injury and can we move along…..I was having a moment of frustration….some of the simplest things….like squatting  onto balls of feet to pick up something, stairs, walking….LOL..seeing my ankle are so difficult…..so….as a reward for that….I get to do calf raises tomorrow at physio….I`ve been secretly doing them already but now I get to do them in an official capacity.

Now that the weather is turning nice my Pt asked if I had started walking outside….I hadn`t….and told him that I was scared that I would start out and get stuck somewhere because I went too far…..thank goodness for cell phones. My other reason was that it would be the first walk without Riley Dawg…and I just wasnt readly for that….but…need to start….he said it would improve my gait and then I could start running so I will add walking to the regime.

I have to say the AT leg looks really really sad. It amost looks fake because there is no curve at all and with swelling no ankle either. On the upside…next to it my other leg looks fantastic.

I had a reflexology massage today and I highly recommend it….felt absolutely wonderful.

LOL…I`m going to leave it here for now and try and catch up on everyone else`s stuff….will let you know how the calf raises in the official capacity go tomorrow.

Happy Healing Everyone….so good to be back!!!!!!!



Comment by gailbuddy

April 15, 2011 @ 9:39 am

First off…..damn girl…you got back!!!!
Do not be afraid of the compression sock…it has provided normalcy in my life. However, I purchased an achilles sleeve that fits into my shoes that to me looks(asthetics-R-us)LESS dorky than the sock. It’s like an official statement rather than old lady leg thing. (http://www.alimed.com/Alimed/product/Bauerfeind-AchilloTrain-Pro-Achilles-Tendon-Support,1,7579,258.htm)
It was a bugger to get off the first time but I STILL use it most every day.
The German’s are geniuses! They designed the Vacocast we all love! Try it, you’ll love it!
The swelling does go away! My ankle rarely swells now but as I said in my post, my heel is giving me a bit of trouble. It seems it will really be a marathon to complete wellness!
Glad to hear your cardio is finally coming along. It’s so liberating to finally seriously sweat, huh? The stair thing is also something I have to be careful with esp late in the day. I still can’t believe small things we took for granted are so difficult.
Also, Riley Dawg memories will always be bitter sweet. My Izzy has been gone for 7 yrs and when I talk about her to my present Missy I tear up. It is a special gift to have a friend that you love and loves you so much. I relate.
I’m so happy to hear from you…sorry about family stuff, happy about prom dress…but mostly just glad to know you are moving along, ahead of the class and checking in with an awesome pic!


Comment by janet

April 15, 2011 @ 10:23 am

LOL…thanks Gail for the compliment.

OMG…the compression sock is soooooo dorky and old ladyish….I had to wear full support hose last spring due to some vein work….LOL..getting the damn things on and off was a workout. I will consider the achilles sleeve so that my fashion sensibilities aren’t any more offended than they already are.

This recovery is truly a marathon….good days, bad days and everything in between. This is a year of firsts without Riley Dawg…..sometimes I feel like a baby to be missing him so much and I’m sure some people wonder why I’m “not over it” but there is a constant ache in my heart….very very hard.

Thanks for the constant encouragement Gail…you are a blessing!!!!


Comment by suthrnman

April 15, 2011 @ 11:29 am

Thanks Janet, always nice to hear where you are in the process. I am coming up behind you @ ~8 wks. I have finally started getting a burn in my thigh from the trainer, but my motivation stops around 20-25 minutes.


Comment by janet

April 15, 2011 @ 11:41 am

Hey Suthrnman

LOL….gotta love that burn…actually I have a love/hate relationship with the burn…..it’s good because it means it’s working….it’s bad because…well….it HURTS!

I’m so glad that I made the decision not to allow any downtime and hit the gym at 1.5 wks post-op. I did leg raises using the cast as weight so my quad didn’t deteriorate too badly….watching the calf go was bad enough.

My trainer was looking at my legs the other day and even with her eagle eye she said to look at them….my quads..not calves there isn’t an obvious difference in size it’s when you feel the muscle work….like on the leg extension machine that you can feel the difference…one is mushier. I’m hoping muscle memory comes into play here.

Keep on keepin’ on suthrnman…happy healing

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