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DeadLifts and squats

Filed under: Uncategorized — janet at 8:02 pm on Saturday, March 26, 2011

Banner Week….drove myself into work and managed to get up the flight of stairs with one foot in front of the other….what a feeling!! of course, the next day was freezing rain….will not attempt to walk by myself on icy ground…but the warm weather is coming which means more independance for me!

LOL…..I did straight leg deadlifts and squats….finally….after 8 long weeks. Of course…they weren’t approved by PT or Carol (personal trainer) when Carol sees me doing stuff she just looks at me and says “BE CAREFUL” I tested the waters with the deadlifts using extremely light weight…then I decided to use a 35 lb barbell…it felt really good….I’m used to much heavier but I could tell my balance would be off and didn’t want to risk any damage. The squats went well….again used a 15 lb bar to test and then went up to 25 lb barbell….it felt awesome. This week during a personal training session I showed Carol my abs….she said “put your top down…get back to work and while you are at it eat a cake!” LOL..we are going to be doing ab pictures soon.

Physio is going well….lol..tons of stretching. My PT said that the exercises were designed to frustrate me…..I told him not to worry they do. Actually he did say that if I could do them easily he’d be worried about the repair. He likes the way I’m walking and says everything is coming along really well. I’ve been working hard…sometimes I even walk without that little catch in my step. I now see what Gail means by the good leg just wanting to go at it’s usual pace but the PT leg says “no way” I’m going to ask on Monday when he might consider putting me on a bike….and…can anyone tell me when I can start doing calf raises….I’m trying not to be in a hurry….but….I just want to move.

The PT decide to do a little scar massage…I wasn’t expecting it so just about went through the roof….hurt like hell…I told him next time I’m ok with pain…just warn me first.

The one thing I cannot believe is the swelling….it seems like within 10 min. of having my foot on theĀ  floor it starts swelling and putting on my shoes isnt always a pleasant experience and I experience a lot of tightness in the morning. Can anyone tell me when the swelling might settle down a bit?

I’m still on the lookout for cute shoes…my fashion sensibilities are horribly offended right now.

Quote of the day:

small victories let you know that you are doing things right and heading in the right direction. don’t dismiss the small victories as unimportant….they will keep you going when things get tough and encourage you towards your goals…..unknown



Comment by GerryR

March 26, 2011 @ 10:08 pm

Sounds like you are improving by huge leaps and bounds. One thing you might want to try if you still have a bit of a limp is this: every time you push off with the repaired foot, push your body up. It makes you walk funny with your entire body extending every other step but it takes very little time to eliminate the remains of a limp and it helps regain a normal stride. My PT had me do this because I wasn’t walking correctly and it only took a few days.


Comment by gailbuddy

March 27, 2011 @ 9:38 am

Super Woman! You are doing so well and have the exact same questions I had….Swelling still plagues me on an “all out” day. I found the sexy compression sock to work wonders….just when you thought the days of megatron were over, you’ve advanced to sockatron. The swelling will settle down but it does take a while. Have you heard that before? Buy a “patience” tee and try to go with it. I still get swelling but if you “contain” it you have less inflammation which leads to quicker healing. I STILL ice and elevate at night just for good measure.
Even though the massaging hurts you will thank PT a million times over for it. Massaging helps with the scar tissue therefore sexier ankles for those heels you are jonesing for!
Keep up the good fight, though I know I don’t need to tell this wounded warrior that!


Comment by janet

March 27, 2011 @ 7:39 pm

LOL….sockatron…I may have to try the sexy compression sock…they did give me a compression sleeve at physio which I have worn. I am icing and elevating religiously…although I hate the icing part because I hate the cold!!

I think it cruel at physio when they put my foot in a nice hot whirlpool bath only to be yanked out and shoved in an ice pack….LOL..it always makes me want to go to the bathroom.

I’m trying to be patient and people who know me well are constantly telling me to “BE CAREFUL”. I’m always careful and everything I try is stuff I’m sure I can do. Really…would I risk re-rupture by doing something careless? I’m going to talk to my PT tomorrow and see what I can try….calf raises? treadmill? Bike? I think the treadmill is realistic…I’m walking already so why not do it on a treadmill.

LOL…I already know the answer to this but did anyone sneak and do things before their PT suggested they do something?????

Definitely ‘jonesing’ for the kickass heels!!


Comment by suthrnman

March 28, 2011 @ 10:10 am

straight leg dead lifts are possibly my fav . . . at 8 wks–wow! Thanks for being an inspiration. I am 3 wks behind you and hope to do as well.

And . . . “did anyone sneak and do things before their PT suggested?”–oh yeah. Blessings


Comment by janet

March 28, 2011 @ 10:31 am

I absolutely love straight leg deadlifts….I’m used to a 60-65 lb barbell but won’t be doing that for a bit because I find the AT leg just a little unstable but getting stronger every day. It was nice to feel some good pain for a change.

LOL…apparently there are a few of us who are sneaky…the others just aren’t saying.

Happy healing

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