Started treatment today

Bearing my MRI I saw a different doctor today for a second opinion. He laid out the options for me, including the pros and cons of each, and left it to me to decide which way I wanted to go. I felt empowered by this interaction, especially after the first one where the non-op option was not on the table at all. I decided to go non-op and am now in a walking boot with a heel lift. I may still use the crutches for a bit when I am out and about since, although they can be cumbersome to use (no hands!) I can cover a lot of ground real fast when I use them. I also got the “evenup” shoe balancer.

I return for review in 2 weeks and will try to keep you all updated.


2 Responses to “Started treatment today”

  1. Hi Jamo, congrats on making your decision! Since you’ve decided to go non-op I recommend reading Evan Brown’s blog ( and having a look at his YouTube videos of the exercises he did at each stage. He also went non-op and made an excellent recovery. I had surgery before realising that non-op was a viable option but I still used Evan’s blog and exercises to boost my recovery.

  2. Thanks for the link, beanie! I will definitely look it up.

    Wish you the best in your recovery!

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