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1 year ….I made it

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I cant believe its been 1 year already. I am sorry to see so many people who have joined since I had a year ago. I think there was about 160 when I joined. I would like to thank Dennis for this awesome community and I fit weren’t for this forum the first few months would have been brutally long.
As for my tendon not much has changed for 10-12 months maybe only my confidence in using it more and more each day. It is still a little sore / stiff in the mornings but it does not stop me from trying anything.
I hope everyone recovers well and take care.


  • Can you comment on when you think the turning point was in your tendon? The point where you believe the tendon remains as-is.


  • I would have to say about the 10 month mark. Not much has changed with the tendon since then, I however am still not as strong with my injured leg but am getting closer.
    Take care

  • Well its almost a year for me since ATR, on Monday 10th August….. I am fine…. Its great to see that this site is still active….. my tendon is thicker than my unruptured one, but works fine…. I only stretch it now and then when I remember to do it… or I feel a bit stiff….. I really liked this site… it helped me when I needed help

  • I recommend that everyone follows up on their tendon. Initially, I wore a boot for 3 months and thought it had healed. I was told by various individuals that had injured their achilles that it would take 1-3 years for it to heal and stop hurting without surgery. After the pain of it waking me up at night, I went back to the doctor almost 9 months after the boot removal. I had done more damage to the tendon and it was torn really high and the surgery was done 15 months after my injury, due to my not going back to the doc previously. I had the surgery October 2008 & wish I had known about this blog then. I had 2 what looked like water blisters not quite the size of a dime at various times while my achilles was healing. I thought the incision was never going to heal in that one spot, but now it is great. It has been almost 11 months now for me but I still have to watch my shoes at times, or it will get sore, otherwise it is doing great and very strong. I can walk normal again! It is all about having a great surgeon. The pt told me on my first visit, he couldn’t believe that I had just had surgery 2 months earlier. I have done my pt at home, as the pt told me I was the teacher and he was the student. Good luck everyone it does get better.

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