Tuesday, January 20th, 2009...9:46 am

Just shy of 6 months… No more physio

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My physiotherapist has released me.  She figured they have done all they can do. I need to strengthen the area myself.  They have given me all the tools no I must use them by myself.  I am now jogging on the treadmill and doing most of my usual gym workouts. It is still a little tender so I do have to take care and not push to hard.  Jumping is still a little to hard to do but it do some skipping ( 1-2 mins at a time) before my boxing workout.

The first 4 months or rehab you see so much improvement but the last 4-6 months the increments are so small it is hard to notice any improvement. My physiotherapist did some measurements and my injured tendon  ROM is almost the same as my good one.  I’m starting to do calf raises and heel drops off a step to increase my strength.

Take care everyone and I will try and update in another month.


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