Saturday, October 4th, 2008...8:53 am

10 weeks post op

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Its been 10 weeks today since my surgery. Oh how time flies! Ive been FWB for about 3 weeks now and 1 week without any support ( Aircast ) I have Physio 2 days a week and we start with 5 mins of  ultrasound and then about 15 mins of stretching with the therapists assistance and a finish with 10-15 mins on the Wobbleboard to help my balance and strength.  Oh what fun ! However my range of motion is almost back to normal I just need to work on my strength. This should help my pronounced limp. Everyday does feel better and I think I’m walking better each day.  In 4 weeks I’ll be in Las Vegas so I hope it is much better by then because I have lots to do there.  Bye for now.   Jamie

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  • Wobbleboard,ok. Is that what that thing is! I work on that now too. Good luck on your recovery! You should be walking pretty well by now & hopefully successful in Las Vegas.

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