Monday, September 29th, 2008...9:30 am

I ditched the boot

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I finally decided to bootless. My Dr and Physiotherapist said I could start to get rid of the boot over the next couple of weeks. I decided now is a good time. It came off friday and I have not put it back on since. Freedom at last.  But what a limp. I’m going to Las Vegas in 4 weeks hopefully everything is fine by then I have a lot of walking to do there.  I can finally see the light.



  • I never could walk in my boot, so I went bootless at about the same time as you. Still using one crutch and limping. Las Vegas was the last vacation our family took (Spring), and there definitely is lots of walking and lots of people. But, you’ll just have to take it at your own pace. I had a San Francisco vacation planned this summer, but decided too much work and too many hills….will plan again.
    Congratulations on your two-shoe status…just take it slow and you’ll do fine.

  • It must feel great to not have to wear the boot. My boot is particular heavy - fracture boot? So with two-shoe status, does mean you don’t have to use crutches anymore?

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