Wednesday, September 17th, 2008...4:56 pm

Questions for my Doc

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What should I ask my Dr. I’m going tomorrow to see if I can lose the boot. I’m almost 8 weeks post op and am hoping to go into 2 shoes.  I’m nervous about this venture and am not sure what I should be asking him. If anyone has some advice it would help .


  • jamie - Hi, please check out:

    There is a section called “Questions to consider asking your Physician during a Post-op visit”

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Jamie,

    Was going to suggest the same as Dennis. Good luck with your appointment, but don’t do as I did, I noted down all the questions then forgot to ask any of them !!! Even asked my husband to remind me and we both forgot, we got side-tracked by the Consultant asking me questions. So, be assertive and not feeble like me.


  • Yes, write them down, but no worries….if you forget something, just call him up. We pay Doc’s to answer our questions….. :)

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