Thursday, August 14th, 2008...8:52 am

That numb feeling

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When will my foot get its feeling back? The outside of my foot/heel has little or no feeling.  Has anyone else experienced this? How long Does it last ?

Just wondering



  • Don’t worry, I felt as if my who leg was numb for weeks, and foot appeared to be only having tingling sensations for about a month after the op.

    Had my op in April and it is only the last 2 weeks that I have really improved, once I started to walk better the feeling in the foot improved, and the huge swelling that I had had the whole time has just begun to subside. So hang in there, it will improve.

    Keep up the exercises and keep the leg elevated as much as possible, that really really does help.

    Best of luck

  • Hi Jamie, I am almost 9 weeks post-op and still have no feeling on the top of my foot towards and including the top of my pinkie toe. Doctor says it is unusual to have that much loss of feeling but is hopeful it will resolve itself.

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