Friday, August 8th, 2008...12:19 pm

2 weeks post op

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I just had my stitches out and that was a bugger. Typical incision approx 5 inches but the Dr only used 1 stitch. He called it a mattress stitch ? It felt like the technician was digging it out to try and remove it. I received a walking boot made by Aircast. It has an air bladder inside and i can inflate it with a little hand pump. Pretty Cool. I don’t have to go back and see the Dr. for 6 weeks ( 8 weeks post op) at which point he hopes to have me flat footed. I will be removing my own wedges under my heel myself every 2 weeks. A little scary.

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  • Hi Jamie - Well you are the FIRST person that seems very similar to my post-op/cast removal. Most everyone seems to be put into a 2nd cast, but I am glad to see that you too went into a boot (w/air and those wedges). I agree - it is SCARY! Actually more than a little. Last night, I woke up w/severe pain in my toe (I had reconstructive surgery - my AT was completely they used tendons from various areas..) Anyway, I had to open up entire boot/splint, undo ace - re-ace, put all back on, adjust air.. I am NOT happy w/this! The boot , I guess, moved , maybe needed more air - if swelling went down over night, and toe was pressed against outer boot. And causing some bad pain.

    If I continue to have bad experience w/this boot - I will call Dr. and ask about re-casting. They also said I can take off boot in shower - what the?!? I am PETRIFIED to do that, so am keeping it covered (very scared of banging it - still not quite use to showering via shower seat.. another challenge).

    When was your surgery? Would be great to have a ATR buddy :) Keep in touch


  • Hey Darlene, my surgery was July 26. ( 2 weeks ago)I took my boot off this morning for my shower. Ya it was scary! I was a little nervous. I had to change the dressing on my wound. I’m still a little swollen and am having some numbness on the outside of my foot. I’m going back to work tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes.
    Take care

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