7 weeks post surgery

Hello Achilles land,

Since my last post i have made leaps and bounds. Still in the boot but ditched the crutches 2 weeks ago when i got to 75% wb and sported a cane. This week I am still in the boot but have ditched the cane as i am at 100% wb.

Seems like every day gets better. Just have to focus on going slow with all the snow and ice on the ground right now.

My biggest highlight was going to the winter classic on the 1st in ann arbor to see my lovely leafs play a great game against the wings. I got primetime treatment from the event staff and security as i was still on my crutches at that point. No security lines, no bathroom lines and most importantly NO BEER LINES! Almost backed out last minute as i was nervous about my achilles but more than happy i went. Something ill remember forever and ever.

Another highlight is that i returned to work on the 6th of January. 6 weeks minus a day after the ATR. First couple days were rough with swelling [though no pain, more of just that uncomfortable feeling of being trapped in a boot] Days got easier after the first two and as long i pop off the boot every couple hours and do some stretches then i feel great.

As far as physio goes all im doing right now is plantar, dorsi and side to side stretches. holding for 5 seconds, 10 reps, 3 sets / 4 x daily. I have an appt with my surgeon on wednesday and at that point im hoping to get the go ahead for some strengthening exercises and hopefully learning how to walk all over again.

Ive got 2 shoes in my sights! But from reading so many stories on here i know to take it easy, pace myself, have realistic expectations and enjoy the small victories.

Good luck to everyone else on here.


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  1. normofthenorth on January 13th, 2014

    For those far from Toronto, we’ve gone from snow to thick ice, to slush, to refrozen slush “death cookies”, and now a thaw with some rain. NOT the best winter to be on crutches, for sure. (I got super-lucky, since BOTH my ATR winters set records for lack of snow! Not that any NON-ATR person considers ANY of us super-lucky. . .)

    James, it all sounds pretty good. Don’t forget that there’s no shame in keeping the boot handy for a few weeks after you get into 2 shoes.

    Also, I forget exactly how/where to do it, but you should edit your status profile from NWB to FWB.

  2. Ron on January 23rd, 2014

    Good progress James.

    How are you going now? You can start doing some things like SITTING heel raises, etc. Keep in mind that going from a FWB boot to 2 shoes will slow you down significantly and you will not have gait muscles built up yet, so I agree with norm, be careful.

    With that said, also talk to your Ortho about PT, ultra sound therapy and other goodies that will help bring things back around again.

    The weather sucks everywhere. LOL. Here in Chicago today, it’s another windy, -25 day with 1-3 inches of snow. Worst winter that I can remember in a LONG time, which makes me afraid to see what type of summer we are ALL going to have.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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