Another week goes by - 12 days post surgery

Hello All,

Been a week since I last wrote anything.  Since I last wrote i have finished my antibiotics and have weened myself off of painkillers.  I have received my VacoCast in the mail and cant wait to get it on and get my hard cast off [comes off this Friday] and my stitches out.  Hoping everything looks good under there.

Have sort of “progressed” to a point where I no longer really use pillows under my cast anymore.  I find that as long as i rest on the side of my foot, that any surface will do to keep my leg up.  I am still keeping my leg up when i can as it is much more comfortable and i think my body has gotten used to the leg being up all the time.  Have had a few minor pinches of pain but nothing crazy and nothing that has really worried me.

Had made it out of my house for the first time on Thursday.  Went to Canadian Tire to do some Christmas shopping and to breathe some nice cold crisp Toronto air.  It was great.  Was out of the house with my girlfriend for about an hour and a half but by the end was dying to get my leg back up.  My parents came by Friday and i got out again for lunch.  Was out for about 2 hours before i was ready to get back.  The restaurant was great “Playa Cabana” on Dupont St.  They have the best mexican in the city and great service.  Provided me with a chair the whole time and lots of Kobe jokes.

Saturday night was a big test for me.  Company Christmas party @ a murder mystery dinner.  I still havent been back to work since my injury and dont plan on going as i am out of the office quite a bit and generally always on my feet.  So this will be my first time seeing my coworkers in almost 3 weeks.  I chatted with every single person from my office and received lots of well wishes and how things are falling apart without me.  I lasted from about 615-930.  I had to duck out during the first intermission as i was getting uncomfortable and irritated.  I can compare the feeling to being on a long plane ride that you just cant wait to get off.  One of my coworkers let me know that it was not in fact the butler who committed the murder but the grandmother….Shocker for my girlfriend and I.

I saw Kobe Bryant come back for the first time from his ATR and play yesterday.  Kobe against my hometown Raptors.  Raptors lit it up and Kobe looked human.  He looked good, a little slow, but im sure he will only get better the more he plays…

As i had mentioned before in previous posts my girlfriend is a nurse and she has a lot of weekdays off so shes not used to having me around all the time.  So im gonna take off to my parents for the day tomorrow and let her have a routine day without having to take care of me.  She deserves it.  Shes been awesome, but shes not one for babying people [i am the biggest] and i can tell shes getting tired of taking care of people at work and then coming home and taking care of me.  And itll be nice for me to get out of the house and stare at a different set of walls for the day… Yes i am excited to stare at different sets of walls.  This is what becomes of an ATR patient 1.5 weeks after surgery.

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  1. Ron on December 10th, 2013

    Good post.

    Glad to see that you are progressing well. I understand your need to give your girl a break. My wife took a 4 day vacation from me after the first 4 weeks. LOL. It did us both good. I became more independent and she got a much needed break.

    Good luck, and keep us posed.

  2. thelifechangingpop on December 10th, 2013

    Hi James you sound as if you’re doing really well. I also escaped a bit to my parents, don’t think that any ATR patient is easy to live with. My other half remarked the other day that he hadn’t realised that the achilles tendon was connected to the cow bone! I have learnt to be patient and hang onto my sense of humour, even if it is a bovine one. All the best for the step from cast to boot. Keep healing. Jen

  3. normofthenorth on December 11th, 2013

    James you flashed me way back to an early post-ATR dinner at a different resto on Dupont, with MY casted post-op leg (my first ATR) on an extra chair throughout! Ah, the good ol’ days…

  4. sittinginthestands on December 17th, 2013

    Hey James - It sounds like we are on a very similar timeline. It would certainly help me to keep up with your progress and recovery as data points relative to my own.

    I ruptured my right AT on Nov 18 and had surgery on Nov 25. Today is day 23 post-surgery. I am still in a cast, my 2nd one. My doc wants to keep me in a cast for 5-6 weeks in total, then let me bear as much weight as I can handle on crutches, no boot. And have consistent physical therapy for another 6-8 weeks.

    Hope your first post-op went well. Are you in a second cast? You appear to be recovering well and in good spirits. Keep us updated!

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