Wednesday November 25th

Arrived at the hospital Wednesday at 10am.  Checked in and waited until 11am before I was set up with hospital attire and a waiting room.  Once I arrived in the pre-op area I ran into Achilles injury 1a again and met his wife.  She seemed very nice as I expected.  We talked for a couple hours until he was wheeled in for surgery.  I then waited about 2 hours before I was wheeled in and met the anesthesiologist and had my IV put in.  I love getting put out btw.  Theres nothing else like it and it amazes me. [not sure why but it does].  They wheeled me into the OR and was given some oxygen.  A couple minutes later they told me here comes the drug cocktail to put me out.   Next thing I know im waking up around some faces I had seen in the pre-op area with a wicked case of cotton mouth.  About 5 minutes later my girlfriend came in.  I drank like 10 glasses of water and apple juice and devoured about 4 cookies while laying there.  I was actually coming out of it pretty good.  Not too drowsy.  Ran into Achilles injury 1a one more time and we swapped numbers and went home.  During surgery my girlfriend picked up all my meds as well - Percocet, Tylenol, aspirin, antibiotics and vitamin c.  Got home and ate a big plate of pad thai and went to bed.  Follow up appointment to get my cast off and stitches out has been set for December 13th.

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