Pre-Op - Playing the waiting game.

Wednesday November 20th - Tuesday November 24th

Lay on my ass all day Wednesday and did nothing.  It was nice to have a day off work and relax.  The pain from the injury at this point wasn’t too bad.  Mostly just that pain of blood rushing down your leg as you stand up.

Thursday morning my girlfriend and I went to the fracture clinic in Toronto to see a specialist.  I was the first one in and was seen within about 30 minutes.  They cut my splint off and again performed the Thomson test and confirmed [yet again...] that I had a ruptured Achilles.  They sent me upstairs to get an ultrasound [again...] and confirmed [yet again...] that I had a ruptured Achilles tendon.  When I got back downstairs I ran into a guy who had also ruptured his Achilles on Tuesday night but he was playing basketball.  They referred to us as Achilles injuries 1a and 1b in the fracture clinic.  We swapped stories about how it had happened and what we expected as far as treatment and surgery.

Eventually I was called back in to see the specialist.  He went over the pros and cons of surgery and let me have some time to make a decision.  After he left the resident doctor came in to check on me.  My girlfriend and I picked his brain about our options.  He said "You’re active, 28 years old and im assuming you want to have an active future.  I would get the surgery".   So the decision was made… Surgery would be my choice…  They took all my information and sent me home only saying "Sit by your phone.  You are on the surgery list and if something opens up you will hear from us and have to come in".

Didn’t hear anything from the hospital until Saturday night around 930pm.  They said a spot opened up for Sunday and that I needed to stop eating and drinking and be in on Sunday morning by 10am.  Woke up on Sunday morning a little nervous and wondering if I had made the right decision to have surgery.  They set me up in a bed in a room with an elderly Russian gentlemen.  He was very loud and kept farting the whole time I was there and had about 5 visitors.   The nurse came in and took my bloodwork and set up and IV.  I was getting psyched to have surgery.  Time started passing and as a die hard NFL fan I was sad I was missing out on sunday football.  My girlfriend being awesome set me up with the 14" in room tv.  As sson as I knew it the 1 o’clock game was over and the afternoon games were starting.  Started getting anxious around this time as I had been there for 6 hours already.  Around 5 o’clock the resident came in only to tell me that I had been bumped because someone came in with a brain bleed and took my OR.  He said "Pack your stuff and head home.  Sit by your phone you will hear from us when we have room".  I was not pleased.

Sat around Monday.  Bored.  Heard from the hospital that night saying Wednesday was my day.  Be there at 10am.  However I had to be in on Tuesday as well to do blood work and get more tests done.  Met the surgeon for the first time today.  She was very matter of fact and exhumed confidence.  I liked her immediately.

Got in Tuesday around 10am and ran into Achilles injury 1a in the lobby.  He was also in on the Sunday and was also bumped.  Got blood work done, an ECG and a bunch of x-rays today.  Was told there was no way that I could be bumped on Wednesday.

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