Post Op- Boredom

Heres a quick run down of what you do after your operation.  Lay on your ass, watch tv with your leg up.  I have already watched 3 seasons of breaking bad.  Luckily it was American thanksgiving so there was football all day Thursday and Hockey all day Friday so there was that to watch.  There’s not too much pain in my leg but I am keeping up with a regular does of Percocet.  Although I find I do get nauseous from time to time.  Still getting the pain from standing up where the blood rushes down my leg.  Also now that the post op swelling has gone down I my leg I do have some wiggle room in my cast.  I turned my ankle one way while moving around yesterday and a blast on pain emanated from my Achilles.  I could feel my Achilles scream "DONT DO THAT!".  Havent felt that same pain again but I have been more careful with my movements.

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