The Injury

Tuesday November 19th

Was playing rec flag football as usual on Tuesday night.  About half way through the game while playing defense I was backpedalling but tried to run forward to make a play.  As soon as I took one step forward all I felt was someone kick me right in the back of the leg.  I expected that with the force of the kick, who ever had kicked me would have tripped as well and be laying on the ground behind me.  As I looked around in pain on the ground, all I got was confused stares by others as I asked who clipped me in the leg.  I got up and was convinced I could walk it off.. I took about 10 hobbled steps towards the bench but realized that I couldn’t continue so I took I knee and was helped off by two teammates.  As I got to the bench I examined my own leg and noticed that I no longer had an Achilles tendon in my right leg.  This was the beginning of my suffering.  I googled it and kept coming back as a torn Achilles tendon.  Being from Canada (and yes this is what I actually thought) I assumed that only from a direct impact such as  from a skate blade [Erik Karlsson and David Bolland- both had lacerated Achilles tendons from skate blades] or something else could injure your Achilles tendon.  Only upon further reading on WebMD while I waited for the final half hour of the football game to finish did I realize how much trouble I was in.

Once the game was finished I got a teammate to drive me to the hospital.  When I got to emerg there was no line up so I was seen right away… The attending nurse confirmed that I had a torn Achilles after performing the Thomson test and an ultrasound.  I was put in a splint, given crutches and an appointment time to see a specialist on Thursday morning.

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