achilles rupture.

Tore my right Achilles just over 3 weeks ago. Had the operation 15 days ago. Just had my first appointment today to get the cast off. Wound and tendon are doing well. Had another cast on for 2 more weeks then get the boot just after that. Just hoping time starts to go a bit faster. it is getting a bit boring I must admit

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  1. Good luck with your recovery. Was it the right or the left?

  2. Thank you. It was the right one. No driving for another two months I think at least. good job i’m not going far

  3. jamesg mine is on the right side too and today has been 8 weeks post-op and I have not been able to drive either. I know some people have reported just driving with their left foot or even with the boot on but I don’t think either of those options are safe. I have been using Uber and my wife, who teaches and has been off all summer and has been able to drive me. Once I went FWB in the boot at 4 weeks it became relatively easy to use public transport. I hope to get the clearance form my OS to drive when I see him later today.
    Good luck with your recovery.

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