Day 2 PostOp

Last night was tough. I slept soundly the night of my surgery but I found myself in quite a bit of pain last night and slept sporadically. Two possible reasons: my girlfriend decided to spend the night at her place last night, or, the meds from my surgery were still in my system Monday night but had completely dissipated by last night. I decided to forgo my bravado (and sense of control) and took a couple of pain meds (oxycodone) around Midnight which finally kicked in around 1:30 AM. Anyone else have any experience with this (not the sleeping with my girlfriend part ;-) ) on the second night post op? Can I expect the next couple of nights to be similar? If so, at what point does sleeping become easier? Guessing I should stick with the recommended medication protocol.

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  1. Jason - I think it took me a week before I got a full night of sleep. My problem wasn’t with pain, I would just wake up in the middle of the night and feel completely wide awake. It would take me an hour or two to fall back asleep. I believe this was a result of anxiety about the injury as well as trying to sleep with my foot propped on a pillow.

    It seems like the first couple of nights are the toughest for most people. Probably best to stick with the pain meds at night until you’re comfortable during the day without them. Can even try halving the dosage over the next few days. Or, make sure the girlfriend stays over! Hang in there, it does get better.

  2. Jason - I had some problems sleeping the first few nights because I move around when I sleep. My cast leg moved and were in positions that put pressure on the incision area. I also had involuntary twitches in my calf muscle and that put some pressure on my tendon. That really stings for a few minutes.

    It improved after a few nights. I think I gradually stopped taking my pain meds after 3-4 days.

    Give it some time, and it’ll get better. :)

  3. Jason - I have a young one who is I don’t get much sleep regardless…but the first week was the toughest for me. I actually slept in the basement because I just tossed and turned and didn’t want to bother my wife. I took pain meds for 5 days or so, but it was still uncomfortable at night. I didn’t figure out the whole laying on your side thing until a few days after surgery. I rested a little better after that.

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