Feeling lopsided!

I’m due to get into two shoes next week, so in the last couple of days after I’ve done my theraband exercises, I’ve stood barefoot just to see how it feels (no movement and no pressure) BUT it feels as though I’m standing on a slope and the right leg is shorter than the left (it already was a bit shorter due to spina bifida, but it never felt like this). It really is a weird sensation and I’ve tried it in different rooms just to check it wasn’t the floor, but it’s still the same!

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  1. I had that exact same sensation when I tried to stand immediately after my injury but fortunately it hasn’t come back since. I have been having some heel soreness at the end of the day though. I imagine the nerve endings haven’t been used in so long that they need to be awoken. Hopefully as you continue to gradually use your foot this will improve. Regardless, I’d definitely mention it at your next PT/OS appointment. Good luck!

  2. Next time, don’t change rooms, just turn around! :-) (That works when testing a level, too!)

  3. I had the same feeling when I took the boot off to see how I could handle standing before going down to neutral. Might be because both of your feet aren’t exactly at neutral yet.

  4. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one feeling lopsided. Norm, I laughed when I read your comment and realised my stupidity!!

  5. Jacqui, don’t feel stupid! My Dad introduced me to that simple way to check a level when I was a kid. I thought it was pretty brilliant then, and I still do! Without being told, I probably still wouldn’t have figured it out.

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