No more injections!

When I was told I would have to self-inject daily with Enoxaparin for a month after surgery I didn’t think I would manage it, given my fear of needles, but I’m pleased to say that I administered the last one yesterday evening, so am feeling proud of myself at the moment!!

4 Responses to “No more injections!”

  1. Yay!

  2. I feel ya! I had to do that too, for 2 blot clots, coupled with taking warfarin.

    Almost ran out of places to put the stupid needle, but THEY preferred the stomach. ouch!! Just thinking of it. LOL

    Good luck!

  3. Ron, did you do BOTH - Heparin shots AND Warfarin pills?!? Or just a few days of the shots until your blood warfarin level (”INR”) stabilized?

  4. Hi Ron - yes, like you I was rapidly running out of bruise free space by the end of the month, so was mightily relieved when the last one was done!

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