My scar

This is my scar 21 days after my op. I had a wound check last Tuesday when the plaster was removed and it was judged to be healing really well. I had expected the scar to be in a straight line up the back of my leg, so wasn’t prepared for the strange curve. Has anyone else experienced this type of incision - I had a triceps turndown and plantaris transfer and the scar is about 22 cm long.

Forgot to ask when I posted this earlier - as you can see, the incision is on the inside of my leg, but am experiencing frequent pins and needles on the opposite side, which seems a bit weird.

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  1. Before I had my surgery, my OS told me he may skew the incision off to one side so that it wouldn’t be irritated by shoes (then he made his incision straight down the midline, so…?)

  2. It has become accepted best-practice to make the insicion on the inside of the tendon. My OS, who have had no less than three ATR’s himself (and who forbid the instituion to perform conservative treatment after his own experience with that in the 80’s) explained that the main reason was that active indivuduals who aimed to return to activity would easily irritate the incision site even years later, and hence easily develop achilles tendinosis. He did. the incision is not as easily irritated when made on the inside of the tendon.

    It is also eaiser to deal with complications due to adhesions if they are on the inside rather than on the posterior side of the tendon.

    I am very happy with my result, even if the scar is everything but pretty. IMHO, your scar looks good as well, and absolutely no reason for worry :)

    Happy healing!

  3. Hi Janis and Tord

    Yes, I hadn’t considered that, but think that’s quite logical. The last thing you want is for the scar tissue to be irritated by shoes.

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