Vacoped and showering

Hi, am new to the site and haven’t created a blog as yet, but need some advice please. I’m based in the uk and had surgery to repair a ruptured tendon two weeks ago. I’ve had the plaster taken off today and have gone straight into a Vacoped boot fixed in neutral which I have been told not to remove for the next four weeks. While I had the plaster cast I was using a Limbo in the shower, but the Limbo doesn’t fit over the Vacoped. Any suggestions for any suitable products available in the UK?

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  1. To be honest, I just used a garbage bag and tucked the tightened up top inside the top of the boot. My incision area was well protected.

  2. Limbo do a version for the Aircast and if you take the sole off it will go over a vacoped. It was not on their website but if you call them they will help.

  3. I had some cheap elastic-&-Velcro straps that perfectly sealed the top of a garbage bag for me. I put some chamois cloth inside the bag just in case, but it usually (always?) came out dry.

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