A bit confused as to which of these two is me at the moment -I went straight from two weeks nwb in a plaster cast to being able to walk without crutches in my Vacoped boot. Is this classed as pwb or fwb, as it’s the boot that is currently taking the strain, not my [...]

My scar

This is my scar 21 days after my op. I had a wound check last Tuesday when the plaster was removed and it was judged to be healing really well. I had expected the scar to be in a straight line up the back of my leg, so wasn’t prepared for the strange curve. Has [...]

Vacoped and showering

Hi, am new to the site and haven’t created a blog as yet, but need some advice please. I’m based in the uk and had surgery to repair a ruptured tendon two weeks ago. I’ve had the plaster taken off today and have gone straight into a Vacoped boot fixed in neutral which I have [...]

Me and my Achilles!

Maybe I’m the first person to be able to claim they ruptured their Achilles in their sleep??
I got up on the morning of Saturday 5 August and although I wasn’t in pain as such, I thought something wasn’t right, as I was experiencing difficulty going up and down stairs. By Monday 7 August I decided [...]