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Reruptured by the Doc

Posted in Uncategorized on July 16, 2008 by jacobp

On Tuesday I went for my 6 week follow up. I had been making great progress. I was FWB after 3 weeks and had ROM that equaled my healthy tendon after 6 weeks. I had been walking great in the boot for the last four weeks. There was no swelling and no pain. My Dr. was so impressed that he wanted me to try standing on my toes with both feet. And there I was after just 6 weeks standing on my toes with no problem. Now he suggests I try standing on my toes with just the repaired achilles. I asked, “are you sure”, in a suspicious tone and he replied, “it’ll be fine”. I then followed with “are you positive it’s okay” and he then insisted I could do it. So I go up on one foot, stand on my toes, and POP. The look in the Dr’s face when we heard the pop sent chills down my spine. I immediately knew that he knew he has just caused me to RERUPTURE! Another surgery this morning and now I get to start all over. My hopes of playing golf and sand volleyball before the summer is over, gone. What little vacation time I had left, gone. My chance of passing the CPA exam this weekend, gone. I could go on but I’ll just get more upset.

Am I the only one that has been pushed too far by their Dr. and had a rerupture? Isn’t 6 weeks too soon to be standing on my toes with just the repaired foot? Or is this just a freak accident with nobody to blame?




Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 16, 2008 by jacobp

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