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July 23, 2013

Trying to enjoy SUMMER!

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Coming up on 20 weeks since surgery, and I’m down to ONE VISIT A WEEK at the Physical Therapist. My leg still feels weaker than the other one. Other people say they can hardly see any limp when I walk, but I can feel it - the whole leg is a lot weaker. So many of the exercises are helping with strengthening up the muscles - in fact I got a NEW ONE today. I have to walk on my tippy toes for about 20 steps, then turn around and walk on the heels. Repeat several times. I still can’t get up on the toes (or get the heel very far off the ground) but CAN feel those muscles improving slowly. I’m also getting some slight “twinges” of gastroc and soleus cramps, which is an indication that I am overworking those groups a bit. Still continuing with the heel lifts in the pool, and the “tippy toe - heel” walks in the water will also become part of my daily swim routine.

One thing I’m not real thrilled about is the thickness of the repaired achilles; IT IS FAT! Of course, it has an alograft wrapped around it, so it will always be thicker than a normal tendon. I just call it my FRANKENFOOT!

I don’t get the chance to spend a lot of time on here much, so I hope that all of our new brothers and sisters are doing well in their progress. Despite where ever you are, please know that IT WILL GET BETTER! It WILL take time, so work on changing your mindset to let that happen.

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