60 Days Post Op - FWB and then some…

January 16, 2010

Has been 60 days since second surgery…have been out of the cast and in two shoes since Christmas. Every day getting better - although at the end of most days must deal with general pain, discomfort and lots of swelling.
Rehab is 2x per week - following exercise routine religously - to get the muscles in the foot stronger. Was in a cast for a total of 14 weeks - due to immediate re-rupture - so range of motion was limited and lots of muscle loss.  Did experience a some “sharp” pains in general area of tendon last night - immediately applied ice and elevated, woke up this morning with no pain or discomfort. 
Tough part is being patient! Bring on the recovery!

Ready to start recovery from 2nd Achilles Rupture

December 23, 2009

Ruptured first time end of August 09, surgery a few days later, hard cast for 8 weeks.  Got cast off, started rehab immediately, 10 days later re-ruptured…2nd surgery (this time surgeon grafted cadaver tendon to strengthen) …get cast off today and will certainly take it slowly.  Must say, psychologically, 2nd rupture about did me in…but I got thru it and ready to strengthen and recover.