Let’s do this thing!


The best thing about surgery is the next day when everyone asks you how it was. What a freaking stupid question!

For one, how the hell do you think it was?

Two, why are you calling me the day after surgery?

And three, if I remember how the surgery went, there was a HUGE problem!

Like people asking, “how was the anesthesia?”
Let’s see, 10-9-8… eyes close… nap time… blink, blink… eyes struggle to stay open. There you go.

The hair trimmers they used are the best. Totally impressed, no clogging, pinching, or what have you. Look at that!

5 Responses to “Let’s do this thing!”

  1. damacar Says:

    Wait until you are in public and someone says, “Hurt your leg?”

    Lucky you to get nice trimmers. I think my doc used a dry dull razor! Itching with a cast is normal but I thought I was going to go out of my mind. When I finally got my cast off-I had razor burn like i’ve never seen. Other than that I can’t say enough good about my experience.
    When people ask you how surgery went? the more graphic you are, the faster they’ll change the subject. Offer to send them pictures (I found one of a Dr pulling the tendon down on google) or video (plenty on youtube) I’ve done that a few times…..no on ever wants to see. haha If people really get out of hand? Whack em! You have two crutches to swing!

  2. eriedutchgirl Says:


    oooohhh! I want links to THOSE pictures! Yum!

  3. damacar Says:

    Here you go!!! This one’s the best. BRUTAL!!


  4. damacar Says:



  5. damacar Says:

    This site won’t let me post the link. So….If you go to Google>Images>achilles tendon rupture surgery.
    The one I sent the link to is the top left. It made yell out a Holy S**t!!

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