MD Follow-up, 2 wks post-op

June 24th, 2008

End of February 2008

After a couple of weeks dealing with the splint, constant elevation and medication, the splint is off for good, hopefully. MD was happy with the incision/healing. Kinda nice to know that all is good with the wound healing and stitches. (I met another ATR patient who had an infection festering under the cast. When the cast came off the MD had to clean the wound out and resuture.)

I was just glad to see that medieval splint get tossed like yesterday’s paper.

Back into the vacoped @ 30 degrees. Did anyone else get the vacoped? The weird thing is how when the boot is in that much plantar flexion, there is a “notch” on the bottom part of the boot that articulates and presses on the lower part of my Achilles, closer to the heel. Does anyone else have this issue?

(Now, @ 4 months out, I have a small mass of scar tissue that is just above where that notch pressed. Very persistent, and hasn’t reduced with scar tissue massage or mederma. Trust me my PT has worked on it pretty hard. I don’t know if it relates to that notch’s pressure, but I can’t think of anyting else. A few PT’s in the clinic had a discussion about whether direct, continuous pressure had an effect on excessive scar tissue generation. No conclusions.)

Night time sports dreams have been the worst. I’m a big twitcher when falling asleep. Pretty awful when you get the gastroc twitch…

Let’s do this thing!

June 18th, 2008


The best thing about surgery is the next day when everyone asks you how it was. What a freaking stupid question!

For one, how the hell do you think it was?

Two, why are you calling me the day after surgery?

And three, if I remember how the surgery went, there was a HUGE problem!

Like people asking, “how was the anesthesia?”
Let’s see, 10-9-8… eyes close… nap time… blink, blink… eyes struggle to stay open. There you go.

The hair trimmers they used are the best. Totally impressed, no clogging, pinching, or what have you. Look at that!

MD Visit

June 18th, 2008


My MD is the best. Made me feel totally at ease about the injury, surgery, and recovery. First bright light I’ve seen at the end of this 9 month tunnel. Surgery 2/11.

Oh and I got my Vacoped boot. Gene Simmons, look out!

02/03/08 - Shocker

June 18th, 2008

I want to give a bit more of a timeline so from memory…

As if the whole Achilles problem didn’t suck enough. The Pats lost the Superbowl.

The first time feeling sick to my stomach with pain occurred ealier today. I was recalling how the rupture felt. It was like a knuckle cracking or splitting your pants in a really, really BAD way.

A pretty crappy weekend.

June 15th, 2008

February 1, 2008.

4 pm: Friday afternoon, thinking about the weekend and getting off work. American Red Cross to the rescue, blood drive in the parking lot at work. Perfect, I’ll give some blood, get a $20 gift certificate to a decent restaurant, and some free tickets to the Lakers (who I hate, but will go to the game to root against them). I’ll head home for a rest and then off to play in an evening co-ed soccer game, cruising right into the weekend. I sign about six pages of disclosures at the blood drive, one of which says something about “no strenuous activity for 24 hours.” Blah, blah - that is for old and fat people, whatever.

9 pm: Soccer match, second half, 5 min or so in. My cleat breaks, WTF? These are great cleats. I go to the ground to check my left cleat. Oh no, this is bad, Achilles rupture. (Being a Certified Athletic Trainer is not always a good thing, especially when you hurt yourself.) Weird thing is, not too much pain. Off to the ER where I see the worst PA on the planet. “Can you put weight on it? Try to walk. Can you push off?” Are you freaking kidding me? Luckily the PA leaves and calls the attending ortho, who told her what to do - the Thompson test. Simply squeeze the calf, foot doesn’t plantar flex, there you go… (The PA should be happy I’m not litigious.)