1st post-op visit

I met with my surgeon/orthopedist on Monday, 8-11.  Injury 7-18  and surgery  7-24.  He put me in a cast with more dorsiflexion.  I will be in the cast for two weeks.  Then, I will get the walking boot.  He said to start with minimal weight bearing, PWB, up to FWB.  He said I could possibly [...]

1st day after surgery

The surgeon said the surgery went fine.  It was pushed back to 4:00pm, which made for a very hungry boy.  The surgeon said it was frayed like a rope, but he feels good about the repair.  I was completely doped up after surgery, I kept falling asleep while I was supposed to be getting ready [...]

It’s official

I met my orthopedist today, and the ATR became offical; complete tear about 2 inches above the heal bone.  My surgery is set for this week, July 24th at 10 a.m.  My original blog said the ATR was on the 19th, but I obviously wasn’t thinking straight.  It actually occurred on the 18th at 4 [...]

To cut or not to cut?

Does anyone have any personal experience or know of any research about having surgery vs. not having surgery?  Any information would be helpful.  I will probably have to make that decision on Monday.

July 19th, 2008 4:00 p.m.

That’s when it happened.  Now, here I sit on the couch about eight hours later, just pondering how and why this happened.  Never in a million years did I ever think I would hear a “pop” like that.  I have had several sprained ankles before (which surprisingly were more painful).  But to hear and feel [...]

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