1st post-op visit

I met with my surgeon/orthopedist on Monday, 8-11.  Injury 7-18  and surgery  7-24.  He put me in a cast with more dorsiflexion.  I will be in the cast for two weeks.  Then, I will get the walking boot.  He said to start with minimal weight bearing, PWB, up to FWB.  He said I could possibly be FWB by the end of September.  This news got me excited, but I am not sure if it is realistic.  Any thoughts? 

Also, a side note:  I am 32 years old, and I opted for a red cast because I am a huge OU Sooner fan.  Is that wrong?  I’m thinking about stenciling an OU on it as well.  Is that even more wrong?  And, by the way, this cast is soooooo uncomfortable.  It seems too tight.  I’m getting that clausterphobia thing all over again.  AHHHHHHHHH!

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