To cut or not to cut?

Does anyone have any personal experience or know of any research about having surgery vs. not having surgery?  Any information would be helpful.  I will probably have to make that decision on Monday.

2 Responses to “To cut or not to cut?”

  1. I posted a link to this study the other day:

    It seems to argue that surgeons operate out of habit and that simply using a walking boot and immediate weight bearing yields similar results.

    It sounds interesting, but who knows? The one thing I think all of us agree on (and are shocked by) is the lack of a universal protocol. I understand every doctor is different and every patient is too for that matter. Still, it seems there are a WIDE variety of treatments out there.

    I, by the way, had surgery went into a plaster cast for two weeks and am now in a walking boot for a month.

    Good luck with your decision.

  2. If you’re younger and have an active life go with the surgery. If your older and less active just get a cast. I don’t have any research but that’s what all the docs told me.

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