Feb 10 2016


8 weeks Post Op

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Went to the doc today for my 8 week post op visit.  He’s very happy with the tendon and the way it’s healing.  Basically gave me the green light for PT and start in two shoes.  The next steps are build ROM and then strength.  Unfortunately, the folks from PT called and said the earliest they could get me in, isn’t for another two weeks.  I was really looking forward to getting that started, so I’m a little bummed.  Seems like everyone’s progress really expedites once they start PT.

Hope everyone is healing well.

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  1. beanieon 10 Feb 2016 at 19:40 1

    Hey Bryan … 2 shoes! Yay! Congrats :)

    Sorry to hear that you can’t get a PT appt sooner than 2 weeks. If you’re feeling brave then you could start on your own. These are the exercises from my PT’s protocol weeks 7-9. My PT’s protocol doesn’t allow 2 shoes until week 10, so therefore I think these exercises are extremely safe for you since you are allowed 2 shoes already.

    - Foot pointing with exercise band: point the foot and ankle down and return slowly to neutral or 90 degrees for 20 reps (don’t pull the foot back towards your face further than 90 degrees).
    - Foot twists with exercise band: secure band to leg of a table or use the other foot; put band around top part of injured foot; with injured foot pointing and resting on floor, twist the foot inwards against the band for 20 reps then outwards against the band for 20 reps. (these are similar to Holly’s windscreen wiper exercises).
    - Towel scrunches: place a towel on the floor and then use your toes to scrunch the towel up, try to pick the towel up with your toes 20 times. I found it helped to do my good foot then my bad foot so that I had an example. I found this so tough at the start and I felt pathetic that I couldn’t do it. It’s very good for training up the muscles in your foot and toes again because they’ve been on holiday in the boot.
    - Sliding floor stretch: sit with the ankle at 90 degrees, slide the foot forwards along the floor keeping the sole of the foot in contact with the ground, then pull it back again to 90 degrees 20 times.
    - Pool therapy: if you can get to a pool with chest deep water then you can walk in the pool using the side for balance, do side steps and practice balancing on the injured foot while moving your arms around.

    If you call your PT I’m sure you can arrange to pick up an exercise band from them before your appointment. Otherwise most sports shops have them too, or you can do them without the band.

    Those exercises should be done twice a day. I also had to mobilise the scar. There’s lots of methods for this if you google. The one the PT gave me was to perform circular motions in both directions all the way up and down the scar twice a day. The skin should be dry because you want the skin to stick to your finger so that the underlying tissue gets pulled. Don’t do this unless the wound is fully closed.

    Regarding 2 shoes, the advice I got was to take it off for short periods during the day, walk a bit and then put the boot back on. I was supposed to slowly increase the periods. I sort of didn’t do that because I work at a desk so I’m sitting a lot anyway, so I just left the boot off most of the work day and walked whenever I got up. I kept using the boot for major walking, commute, etc for a long time as I made the transition. But at home I hardly ever wore it unless my foot felt tired or achy. Oh, I also used crutches again in 2 shoes to help me learn how to walk normally again, taking the body weight pressure off and allowing a more full roll of my foot. Plus once you start venturing outside in two shoes (I waited until weeks 11/12) then even if you don’t use them, crutches make people stay away from you and are helpful if you start getting tired and need to rest the foot.

    Good luck Bryan! Stay safe and enjoy!

  2. hollymt5on 10 Feb 2016 at 22:10 2

    Congratulations, Bryan!
    If you do go to 2 shoes, make sure you know if he wants you to put heel lifts in the shoes or not. My doctor and PT want me in them until week 12. Also, be super careful around uneven surfaces, like stairs or cobblestones. Your foot won’t be strong enough to hold the weight of your body and your heel could dip down, which is not good if you haven’t been doing exercises.
    I’m the paranoid one, but it’s only because I re-ruptured mine at 10 weeks post-op. I just wish I knew now what I knew then so I figure I’d rather speak up with the cautions. It’s the mom in me!
    Good luck to you and I hope you get in soon. Maybe there is another trusted PT office you could go to?

  3. bryanbon 15 Feb 2016 at 17:36 3

    Hi beanie….

    Thank you so much for all the information regarding the exercises. I’ve started to work on those that you gave me. I’ve really focused on ROM and the towel scrunches. For some reason, I find those somewhat entertaining. I’ve been back on the road for work, so it gives me something to do in the hotel room.

    How are those calf muscles coming along..???

  4. bryanbon 15 Feb 2016 at 17:44 4

    Hi Holly…

    Thank you, but I totally agree with both you and beanie. I’ve had to go back out on the road for work, which is a good and bad thing. But as I travel, I decided to stay in the boot. I just don’t want to risk the possibility of doing any more harm at this point. It’s been a long 8 weeks to get here, and I just don’t want to repeat it. So thank you for your input. It’s much appreciated it.
    So far, I’ve only been sporting two shoes in the hotel room and down to the restaurants. What’s funny, is that my foot doesn’t hurt as much in 2 shoes as it does when it’s in the boot.
    Though the doc said I was good for 2 shoes, I’m just too much of a chicken when it comes to airports and traveling. As much as I’d like to get to the official status of 2 shoes, I’ll wait.
    Plus… at this point… what would my boot do without me…??

    Hope you are doing well…

  5. beanieon 16 Feb 2016 at 19:46 5

    Lol Bryan, I certainly don’t have bulging calves yet! :) They used the right title for that workout, it is VERY painful and burns like crazy! I’ve modified it so I only work the injured calf and use the other leg for support and to push me up to get full range - I don’t want the good leg to get stronger yet, I just want the injured one to catch up. It’s funny, I measured the biggest section of my calves at 9 weeks and since then the good one has gained 1.5cm! All those eccentrics and compensation I guess, but how’s the baby one supposed to catch up?! lol!

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