Heel pain!

I’ve been in a cast for 4 weeks, boot for 2 weeks and just started walking unaided around the house, without boot and crutches.

Whilst it’s going well I’m getting a niggling pain in the heel!
I’m wearing comfy night slippers and cushions in footwear.

What else?

One Response to “Heel pain!”

  1. My PT suggested sitting down, barefoot, with a golf ball under that heel, and rolling it around to do some deep self-massage. It seemed to help some. (If a golfball is too intense, look around for something appropriate, maybe a tennis ball. . .)

    Many of us tried, and loved, the ugly molded shoes called Crocs. Wearing a pair of them is a lot like carpeting your whole house in ~1 cm of cushy foam rubber! I’m still wearing mine around the house, and may never stop (unless I buy a pair of Vibram 5-fingers!).

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